Claire Delmar


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I have a strong passion for fabrics and creating striking effects with table settings, as you would know from following ‘The Palate Project’ and I have always admired from afar the beautiful brand that is Kate & Kate  so I was thrilled when they contacted me to style their Winter 2017 Campaign. It was a collaboration with the talented Sarah-Jane and Juliette from Arent & Pyke and the Carnival campaign was shot in one of their recently designed homes. I touched base with both brands to find out a little more about how the new collection and this successful meeting of the minds came about.

Kate &Kate

Tell me a little about how you interpret the Carnival collection.
The Carnival collection is so fun – it had a slightly nostalgic feel, but is jovial in nature.  It has us wanting to gather our friends, laugh, tell stories, feast and drink wine.  Heaven.

How did the collaboration come about?
We had read in an interview that the Sarah-Jane and Juliette had an interest in textiles (no surprises there!), so we decided to contact them to see if they’d be interested in a collaboration.  Us contacting them was completely out of the blue… and we never thought they’d say yes.  So when we received that late night interview expressing their interest in working with us, we seriously could not believe our luck.  That was more than two years ago, so it’s been a long time in development – but I think the complex nature of the designs reflect this development period.

What was the brief to Arent & Pyke?
We really let creativity lead us and the collaboration took on a life of its own from the word go.  We did want some hand drawn illustrations included in the linen collection, which Arent&Pyke delivered beautifully through creative Evi O.  On top of that, we wanted to ensure this collection had loads of texture – cotton, alpaca, leather, linen – and the girls ensured everything integrated perfectly.

Do you intend on building the K&K Brand further and collaborating with other designers?
Absolutely.  We will continue to evolve the Kate & Kate brand and what we offer.  We have so many ideas, but it’s about developing and executing them to the highest standard.  Good things take time, right? In terms of collaborating – yes, we would love to work with more creatives. It’s incredibly inspiring and creatively fulfilling.  It is also generally loads of fun.

Arent & Pyke

What inspired the design?
Sarah-Jane and I have always been drawn to fabrics that are artful, painterly and expressive, so naturally when the collaboration was devised the incorporation of a dramatic and distinctive print was paramount. (The print that you see on the pom pom linen throws, tablecloths and napkins) We desired a  punchy, graphic print in the collection that we knew would be a new direction for K&K. We then workshopped various ideas with our design team in the studio before approaching graphic artist Evi O to help us execute the final artwork. We wanted it to be reminiscent of the scratchings, musings and brushstrokes of so many of the artists we refer to and are influenced by in our design work. Colour also plays a very important role in our interiors, so the colour combinations in the blankets were also workshopped ad nauseum!!

Why were you drawn to these fabrics and materials?
Gorgeous textural and slubby linen, light as a feather alpaca and the fine weaves of the cotton blankets were devised to allow the collection to have diversity in colour, print and texture.

What made you select the beautiful colour palette? 
The colour palettes are combinations again that we are drawn to in our interiors projects, so transferring these to soft furnishings for the home made absolute sense. Melon and Olive, Ink and Mustard…colour combinations are a continuing obsession!

If you would like to know more about the styling concept please see my story on the Kate & Kate Blog and visit the Kate & Kate website to view and purchase the entire range from cushions, blankets, linens and more.

Photographer – Jason Loucas