Claire Delmar


Ceiling light, Planet Furniture
White Linen Table Cloth, Cultiver
Napkin, Planet Furniture
Small cup resting on napkin, stylist own
White plates, dishes and bowls, Coad from Planet Furniture
Small panel detailed plates, HAY
Egg Goblet, The D E A Store
Assorted Eggs, Papaya
Small bowl with bubble detailing on bottom, Planet Furniture
Large deep plate, Coad from Planet Furniture
Cutipol Cutlery, Francalia
Tall vase, Planet Furniture
Small salt dish and spoon, The D E A Store
Assorted rabbits, Papaya
Ribbed bowl, Planet Furniture
Clay bowls with white drip detailing, Planet Furniture
Small, Medium and large grey geometric detailed tumblers, HAY  
Letter ‘R’, Ici Et La


“Egg White” was created for The Grace Tales blog –  a luxury shopping, lifestyle and directory destination for the stylish mum. The founder Georgie Abay and I have been discussing the possibility of collaborating  for some time and it was great to finally find a date and lock in a story for this beautiful blog.

It was shot at one of my favourite shops, Planet , where I visit regularly, to source ceramics and homewares  in Surry Hills. The owner Ross and I have been industry friends for many years and he has always been very supportive of my career. I decided to time my shoot with the Easter celebrations and there is a cyc at the front of his shop that I used as the background to style the story and his ‘egg shape’  splayed leg elliptical dining table and incredible Kris Coad ceramic leaf chandelier completed the picture I had envisioned.

I am always drawn to white stories so when I discovered white and grey ceramic eggs at Papaya  and fell in love with them I decided, instead of the predictable colourful chocolate eggs that are on the market for Easter, I would create a table setting using these ceramic eggs and it would have an element of fantasy. Religious considerations aside,  the concept of the iconic Easter Bunny lent itself to the creation of a magical “dream like” space that wouldn’t function in reality but was a wonderful concept to conjure up. I normally shy away from designing settings for specific calendar dates as they are always so cliche but I really enjoyed the creative thinking behind this story as it took me back to my childhood and the excitement felt around these special celebrations.

White, ceramics and children are not an easy combination (or an ideal mix-only the dog was missing!) but fortunately Felix was very fast in capturing the moments when my two kids arrived- 6 year old Leo and 18 month old Willow .  The shades of white and grey allowed Felix to play with light and to create beautiful tones in the final images.

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter with family and friends.

Photographer – Felix Forest