Claire Delmar


2 Meters of Green Velvet, Mokum Textiles
2 Marc Newson Tea Cups, Living Edge
1 Jam Jar, Space Furniture
1 Background panel, Woven Image Echo Panel
1 Large Jar with flowers, Murobond
1 Large bunch of Christmas Bush, Madame Lampini
1 Green Ceramic Cup & 1 Milk Jug Mint
1 Zinc Tray, BHLDN
Cutlery & Candlesticks and remaining crockery hired.

Velvet – I jump from loving it to hating it. What always amazes me is the richness this fabric can create when it is used as a background in a shoot.

Christmas is a funny time for stylists as we have usually lived through the decorating process 3-4 months before. I’m not one to use lots of baubles and bows in my decorating so when I was thinking about this shoot I wanted to create Christmas my way, with just a hint, without all the predictable embellishments.

Breakfast on Christmas day is usually overlooked or at best very simple, usually involving champagne, and eaten standing up in the kitchen as the focus of most families is to prepare and celebrate lunch or dinner. Mine is a simple breakfast layout but the amazing bright red Christmas bush and the elegant vintage star makes it festive. The table, still set from dinner the night before, is transformed by these additions and your own choice of breakfast fare. Casual is always so appealing.

Photographer – Amanda Prior