Claire Delmar


1 Table, ici et la
1 Tablecloth, Society linen from Ondene

From left to right
1 Runner, Honeybee Homewares
2 Glass Tumblers, Honeybee Homewares
2 Plates, The Country Trader
1 Small Plate, The Fortynine Studio
1 Small Tin, 2 white bowls, Astier de Villate from Palm Beach Home
1 Glass Bowl, The Country Trader
3 Cutlery sets, The Country Trader
3 Plates, Astier de Villate from Palm Beach Home
Handful of linen Napkins, Honeybee Homewares and  Ikea
1 Side Plate, The Fortynine Studio
1 Vase, Ondene
Other items not credited are hired from a prop hire company.


In my previous life as a fashion stylist I remember my sister asking me how I envisaged the styled outfits and my answer was ‘I just put whatever with whatever and I know if it works’. Of course she laughed at this and I understand now how little help this was to her. I do believe that some people have a natural ability to turn “rags to riches” but there are many elements to consider when building a shot and there is a most wonderful feeling when it all comes together. It’s a bit like magic.

Being a stylist is having an eye to edit well, to recognize that special piece and be able to incorporate that into your story or life. This process is greatly enhanced by working with a team of talented people.

In this shot I’ve combined different artists with the same aesthetic who complement each other and who use similar tones, but who all have a unique aspect to their artworks too which include subtle pattern and textured details.

I’ve tried to create balance in the shot, and a sense of harmony through the placement of the items.  I make sure to consider the horizontals (table, table runner and stacked linens) in relation to the verticals (vase, panelled background etc), so that if I do stack items the sizes marry well together rather than making the grouped item look like one is dominated or oversized by the other.

I can see this set up in Paris in a gorgeous apartment with French shutters in dusty blue.

Main Image – Photographer – Chris Chen