Claire Delmar


White cake stand, The Country Trader
White and yellow vessel, China Clay
White ribbed bowl, China Clay
White tall bottle, Planet
Blue and grey clay bowl, Planet
Grey clay plate, China Clay
Tablecloth as background, Cultiver
Tall green vessel, No.12 Trading
Set of white tea cups, China Clay
Dark grey pouring jug, No.12 Trading
Bowl, DEA Store
Blue and cream bowl small, Planet
Bowl with imprint, DEA Store
Small bowl, DEA Store
White scallop edged bowl DEA Store
Spotted clay plate, DEA Store
Duck egg blue speckled plate, Sigmar London
White round plate, China Clay
Red and Blue bowl and plate, DEA Store
White textured bowl, DEA Store
White light, Studio Enti @Design Hunter
Cream Napkin, China Clay
Blue Napkin, Cultiver
Remaining props sourced from hire companies or are my own.


I had been thinking about the title of this blog for quite some time when I suddenly realised that the images reminded me of one of the world’s most famous paintings by Leonardo da Vinci, his  “Last Supper”. It was something about the camera angle, the framing and the scale of the table in the foreground of the shot that triggered this discovery. Looking back I find that a lot of my work is influenced by famous paintings, hence “Painted Palate” seemed to be an obvious choice, as it is my still life version of this wonderful work of art that I studied more than once during my art years at school.

I feel very connected to this story.  I tried to capture a moment in time when everything aligns but at the same time it is a work in progress that has the potential to evolve into something even more special as I continue to attempt to balance and perfect the diverse elements influencing the outcome of the shot.

This blog post was a joy to create as I worked with talented photographer and good friend Chris Chen. It showcases a behind-the-scenes snapshot of how a stylist works. Moving and changing objects, constantly standing back and accessing the image through the camera lens. Neutral tones, ceramics, linens, table settings, still life and everyday objects- it is a combination of all my passions.

Enjoy watching my process become a reality through the eye of the lens.

Photographer – Chris Chen