Claire Delmar


1 Table in Spotted Gum
6 Bowls, Christopher Plumridge
1 Vessel, Shannon Garson
6 Bowls, Kris Coad
6 Cups, Kris Coad
1 Oyster Spoon, Helen Earl
1 Light fixture, Kris Coad
1 Runner
1 Salt Dish
1 Sugar Bowl, Christopher Plumridg
1 Tall bottle, Kris Coad
1 Vase, Shannon Garson
2 Vases, Liz Stops

6 Wine glasses, Stylists own (spray painted)
6 Place settings of Cutlery, Ikea (spray painted)
6 Napkins, made from Linen from Ikea
1 White cotton fabric runner from
Spotlight (on table)
1 Plate, The Real Store
6 Plates, LH Objects
1 Bowl, LH Objects
1 Bowl, Shelley Panton
1 Small dish (with feather), Kim Wallace Ceramics


What is it that captivates me about a styled white shot?
White on white but layered with texture.
Is it the light? Is it the focus point?
Perhaps it has something to do with the romance of the shots. Or is it the simplicity and purity that white portrays?

Today I was lucky enough to be invited by Ross Longmuir to shoot in the beautiful studio in the front area of his Surry Hills concept store Planet. Ross has always been one of my most respected furniture designers and I love his use of sustainably grown spotted gum. His incredible eye and support of local artisans has always put him at the forefront of the interior retail world. His balance of textures, interest in Indian textiles and organic forms marries so well with my styling. When I was style editor for Inside Out magazinePlanet was always a port of call on my sourcing days.

I wanted to work with Ross’s wonderful whites and bring in some other talented ceramicists to complement items like Kris CoadLH Objects and Kim Wallace Ceramics.

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of working with the lovely photographer Sam McAdam whose passion and experience has made these shots come to life. It’s always a treat working with people that understand the outcome and are on the same page visually. Thank you Sam.

Lara Hutton from LH Objects has been a mentor since the start of my career and has always felt like another sister to me. I have her to thank for supporting me in the early days and having faith in my ability as a stylist.

Combining the irregular forms of the ceramics with the crisp white linens that are crinkled rather than starched combined with the elements of nature, the twig in the vase and leaf ceramic by Shannon Garson add the sense of real to the image giving it some depth and life.

Photographer – Sam McAdam