Claire Delmar


Background painted in Tawny from Murobond
Velvet Brugge fabric from Elliot Clarke
Cutlery from Kip & Co
Bowl by David Collins from Planet
Bowl and vessels by Alana Wilson
Vintage Japanese Vase in Bronze from Planet
Frame Stylists Own
Vase from Spence & Lyda
Glass from Spence & Lyda
Alessandro Disarno Vase in Large from Planet
Jug from Spence & Lyda
Jug from Spence & Lyda
Hand thrown bowl by David Collins from Planet
Hand thrown Peter Tierney Shino Bowl in small from Planet
Hand thrown Peter Tierney Shino Bowl in large from Planet


Mustard, brown, taupe, burnt orange & brassy gold are all the colours I can't resist at the moment.  Somewhat muddy, but still striking colours that work back with blacks and whites, and are an enticing combination for a more formal style of gathering. 
I was inspired to shoot this after working with ‘Tawny’, a paint colour by Murobond, coupled with the gold velvet cloth, for the Life Instyle campaign. Somehow it felt tonal, with a little lux. I find it so curious to look at what inspires my choices. Almost without exception, inspiration emanates from different and varied mediums and how they visually collaborate.
I’m always seeking unusual objects, (like the wooden antique human form and the narrow pieces or off cuts of pavers) that provide me with varied angles to lift the shot and move your eye throughout the image. For me, the hero piece is the hand-sewn fabric jug, and I wish I could buy a set of the irresistable sculptural tactile artworks. 
Chris and I played with some unique angles today, giving you a varied perspective that you don't often see on my blog. I hope it appeals.

Photographer - Chris Chen